We are proud and happy to announce that as of today, 10th January, 2023, our open-source project “mosparo” has been released and is available to all.

In search of alternatives to protect a form from spam, we implemented our solution. Intending to build a tool that is usable for everyone (accessibility) and collects as little data as possible, we started the mosparo project in May 2021.

Before starting the implementation, we defined the following goals that our software should fulfill:

  • Create a solution that all people can use
  • The solution should receive and store as little data as necessary
  • The solution should be open-source and free to use
  • The solution should be able to be installed on any server
  • The spam protection should be adaptable to the design of the website
  • Data should be protected as well as possible

In over 80 meetings and more than 400 hours of work, we tried to turn our idea into reality. We have tested the developed software intensively for more than five months and are very satisfied with the result.

We started the private beta in August 2022 and successfully installed mosparo on several websites. After extensive testing, the time has now come for mosparo to enter the open beta.

mosparo is the modern solution for protecting your online forms from spam. The protection method is quite simple: mosparo blocks spam using rules matching the form’s data. The detection method is comparable to an e-mail spam filter. The user does not have to prove that he is a natural person by solving a puzzle. Instead, the tool searches the form data entered for words or other information that is not allowed.

The following options are currently available for using mosparo on your website:

  • WordPress Plugin (Link)
  • osTicket Plugin (Link)
  • PHP API Client (Link)
  • JavaScript API Client (Link) BETA

We would be thrilled if mosparo has also aroused your interest and you try it out! If you find any bugs, please create an issue for us on GitHub. You are welcome to send us feedback and suggestions about mosparo at any time to feedback@mosparo.io.  

Check it out

mosparo at GitHub