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Developing a project like mosparo needs a lot of time. We’ve developed mosparo in our spare time. If you want to help us improve and expand mosparo, you’ll find all information on this page.

How to help?


Are you a PHP developer? You can help us with solving issues in mosparo and adding new features. Do we need a specific library or plugin, and can you help with it? Please let us know!


We wrote our documentation while we developed mosparo. Since we were very deep in this project, we described probably not everything in our documentation in the best way possible. Or we didn’t fix that one typo. Or an update outdated the documentation. If you find an issue, please help us fix these things in our documentation.


mosparo needs to be translated into as many languages as possible – at least the frontend – to be accessible to everybody. If your language needs to be added, please help us expand the available languages in mosparo.


Every software has bugs – but nobody loves bugs in software. If you found a bug in mosparo or a library or plugin, please send us an issue where you describe the issue as well as possible. You can send a pull request or write unit tests for mosparo or our libraries and plugins if you can.