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Release v0.3.20

As a preparation for the next major update, we’ve refactored the update system and fixed two bugs.

  • New update system that checks the requirements before upgrading to a new major version.
  • Fixed a bug that caused special characters to display incorrectly in the design settings (#66, reported by Silbad).
  • Fixed wrong return values from the CLI commands (#71, reported by Digi92).
  • Updated the translations for the backend.
Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: d6b95320e8e6e2872fcd69dcd19274c95ddb9028

Release v0.3.19

The version v0.3.19 contains different bug fixes and optimizations.

  • Fixed the list of required extensions. Some extensions were missing and led to errors when installing mosparo (reported by Silbad).
  • Added a check in the setup to verify that all required directories are writable (reported by Silbad).
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to create a user in the administration interface with setting a password.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made it impossible to delete a project.
Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: b117de567885bd6d2210c6149de70ca22f52894e

Release v0.3.18

This release contains a security enhancement for the password fields and a fix for the default language.

  • All password fields must have the `autocomplete` attribute set to `off` to prevent autocomplete by the browser. Thank you, Digi92, for reporting this issue and providing a pull request. (#58, #59)
  • Fixed a bug with the fallback language in the system settings if no language is set.
Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: 16a120a59818e1598f8ae544c1e224f198d718cc

Release v0.3.17

With this bug fix release, we fix a bug in the installation wizard and a visual bug with the list of languages.

  • Due to the PHP environment, the session file path may not be writable. Since we strictly used a file session handler, it generated an error in such a setup. With the fix, we use the native PHP session handler for the setup process. This bug affected at least hostings with Plesk as a control panel. Reported by Ratingthomas
  • A visual bug was detected with the list of languages (in the system administrations or profile settings). The list of languages was not sorted and in random order.
Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: b9f99471c890f5f01002ce2d17b9b95808c5ad7f

Release v0.3.16

The release v0.3.16 contains four fixes and more translations for the frontend, the backend, and the validators.

  • Fixed the return character handling for the IP allow list (reported and fixed by Digi92).
  • Fixed the `ignored` status on the submission detail page. The status was not correctly visible if the spam detection was disabled in the project settings.
  • Fixed a small style issue in the password reset email in Outlook.
  • Added a correct user agent for the HTTP client (used to download updates and rule sets).
  • Added more translations for all components (frontend, backend, validators) (see the complete list here).
Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: c7b420df4ffb4833ee10cc2e490c6e981d6500f6
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