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Release v0.3.3

Finalized the configuration for Docker and added more frontend translations.

Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: b70d2fdda96b67f8fc953e58163ddbc18c5e2509

Bugfix release v0.3.2

With version v0.3.1 we’ve added a fix for the Docker image, but this fix created another bug for standard installation. This release corrects the bug.

Thanks to SupianlDz for reporting this issue.

Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: 1cdd4722904d01506d0d24eb4a2ff16e906e0d96

Bugfix release v0.3.1

Fixed two bugs in preparation for the Docker image, added a missing translation and added the Docker configuration.

Please report problems as an issue on GitHub.

Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: a283e9d7bb1a43d596415c7bc50fb75576e69b36


Fixed different UI issues (number fields, long URLs in the submission list) and improved the account settings.

Download hosted by GitHub
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