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Release v1.0.1

We’ve fixed some bugs with this release and added an additional translation.

  • Fixed the logic for the email rule tester (see #132) (reported by Digi92)
  • Fixed the logic for the domain rule tester
  • Fixed the relative URL for the stylesheet fallback in case the project’s stylesheet is not available (see #133).
  • Fixed an issue with not storing the design settings hash after updating to a new version (see #134).
  • Added the frontend translation for Romanian, provided by Speedyu
Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: 2652ce4143b4d6c3f8eb2330541d392b2fe8ba45

Release v1.0.0

With this new major version, we’ve added some new features, optimized others, and fixed some bugs:

New features

  • Invisible protection (#105)
  • Export and Import functionality (#110)
  • Facelift project overview (#103)
  • Rule tester (#106)
  • Facelift ruleset details (#102)
  • Allow users to create projects (#114)
  • Rule list filter (#107)
  • Brute force protection for login (#104)

Bug fixes

  • The automatic update check is not executed when the updates are disabled (#115)

You can find the described changes in this news post.

Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: 988bbc5f7170a90cce47f5f072faaf241d05cc7d

Release v0.4.6

This release contains a general bug fix.

  • When accessing a submission, rule, or ruleset by the direct link, mosparo will redirect to the project list page instead of the requested object. Reported by Digi92 in #130
Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: ef3a297d1282cf8c291aff5a1d04b953a4b0f603
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