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How to use

mosparo consists of two parts: A mosparo installation, which is the installed mosparo software on your web hosting, and a mosparo integration, which you must add to your website.

1. Install mosparo on your webhosting

First, you have to install mosparo on your web hosting. You can either download the package from the Download page, use the Docker image, or install mosparo with the source code from the GitHub repository.

You can learn all about the different installation options in our documentation.

2. Create a new project

After you’ve installed mosparo, please create a new mosparo project for your website. To do that, please log into your mosparo installation and click the button to add a new project. Follow the wizard to set the project up.

3. Install the mosparo integration on your website

To connect your website with your mosparo installation, you have to install the mosparo integration into your website. A list of the available plugins is available in our documentation.

If you’re using a custom-built website or a system for which we do not offer an integration (yet), you can also build your own integration.

4. Connect your website with the mosparo project

After you’ve installed the integration or built your own integration, you have to connect your website with the mosparo project. For that, you need the four connection information, which you can find in the project settings in your mosparo project.

Please copy the values into the configuration in the integration and save the connection.

5. Adjust your form

After you’ve set up the connection between the website and the mosparo project, you have to add the field to your form. This step depends mainly on the system you’re using. But in general, you should be able to edit the form and add the mosparo field.

The mosparo field should automatically use the connection to your project.

In some integrations (for example, WordPress or Drupal integration), you must enable the correct module to use the field in a form.

6. Test your form

After you’ve added the form to your website, it’s time to test your form. Open the form and fill it out. If you used the visible protection, click the mosparo box and await confirmation. Submit the form and wait for the success confirmation.

If you log into your mosparo installation, you should see the submission you’ve made.

Questions and Support

If you have any questions or need support, please let us know by email ( or in the discussions on GitHub.

Please let us know if you want to use mosparo in a system for which we have yet to offer an integration.