While we developed mosparo, we also developed a WordPress plugin to test the integration with a different system. The WordPress plugin was the first integration for mosparo into an existing system. We searched for the most used form plugins (Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, WPForms, and WordPress comments) and integrated them.

We did that sometime in 2021. In the meantime, other form plugins gained a lot of new users, so it was time to update the mosparo WordPress plugin.

The updated WordPress plugin contains eight modules, which offer compatibility with other existing plugins. As in the first version, the plugin is compatible with Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, WPForms, and WordPress comments. The updated plugin is additionally compatible with Everest Forms, Formidable, Gravity Forms, and the WordPress account forms (like login, register, and forgot password).

Since the account forms do not have a lot of fields – normally just one, the username – the use of mosparo in these forms is just for brute force protection. If you use mosparo for your forms, the mosparo Brute Force protection means you do not need an additional Brute Force protection plugin to secure WordPress.

Since you usually don’t want the Brute Force protection active for your typical contact forms, the mosparo Integration plugin allows multiple different mosparo connections to be configured. With this ability, you can use one mosparo project for the Brute Force protection (with the security features) and another for your typical contact forms without Brute Force protection.

The updated plugin is available via the official WordPress plugin repository. Install the plugin directly in WordPress or download it from the plugin page.

We are also working on an integration for Django and Drupal. If you need an integration for a different system, please tell us which one so we can check if an integration is possible.

If you have suggestions, issues, or general feedback regarding the WordPress plugin or mosparo, do not hesitate to send us an issue on GitHub or an email to feedback@mosparo.io.

If you like mosparo, we’re glad if you post a review on AlternativeTo, ProductHunt, the WordPress plugin, or anywhere else you want.