It’s already June, which means another month has passed by. We used the time this month to work on different things regarding mosparo. We want to give you an overview of the developments.

mosparo v0.3

With feedback from our users, we continued to optimize and enhance mosparo. We’ve released four new versions of mosparo. We’ve fixed multiple smaller and larger bugs in these versions and optimized the security. Additionally, we received more translations, especially for the backend. 

mosparo v0.4

The planned features for v0.4 are developed. Right now, we’re working on an update for the update system, which is required since v0.4 will need PHP 8.1.10 or newer, and the update system has to check that before the upgrade is possible. We plan to have the first beta ready in the next week.

Integrations and plugins

Drupal module

In May, we released the first beta version of the Drupal module. With the Drupal module, you can integrate mosparo in the forms from the Contact and Webform module. Additionally, you can use mosparo in the module CAPTCHA.

The module is available in the Drupal module repository:

Other updates

Usage of mosparo

We were asked if we plan to extend the compatibility of mosparo, especially with other database systems. The question was unusual and unexpected. After discussing the question, we discovered a need to clarify how mosparo is integrated into a website.

mosparo is a standalone software not integrated into any other system. After you’ve installed mosparo on your web hosting, you have to connect your website with mosparo. You need the integration for your CMS/website, or you have to use the API client and develop your integration if there is no integration or you use a custom-developed website. If you use a programming language for which we do not offer an API client right now, you must develop your API client (or tell us about it here).

We’ve adjusted the about us page and will update the documentation in the future, maybe even with a drawing.

Thank you

We thank all contributors and users for their feedback, translations, pull requests, bug reports, and suggestions!