In this news post, we want to give you an overview of the new features and changes in version 1.0.

New features

Invisible protection

With the new version, you can switch between the visible mosparo box and the invisible protection. The invisible protection will not show a visible mosparo box in the form. Instead, when the user submits the form, mosparo will come into play and validate the form automatically. mosparo will show a loading overlay over your website or form so the user is informed of what’s happening.

After the automatic validation is successful, mosparo will submit the form automatically.

Suggested by quadcom

Export and Import functionality

With the newly added export and import functionality, it is possible to export the settings of a mosparo project and then import them into another mosparo project (maybe even on a different mosparo installation). You can choose which parts of the settings should be exported and imported.

Suggested by Digi92

Facelift project overview

The project overview page was one of the first pages in mosparo back when the development started. Since then, this page had more or less no adjustments, so it was time for a facelift.

The page generally looks the same, but now it also has a list mode where you see your projects in a table instead of the boxes. Additionally, you can filter the table and search for projects.

We’ve also adjusted the project dropdown in the top left corner and set a max height (if you have many projects) and a search.

Rule tester

You can test how your rules will catch spam with the newly added Rule tester. This tool can help you test the different rule types and factors without waiting for the next spam submission.

Facelift ruleset details

We gave the ruleset detail page a facelift. Before, all the rules and rule items were listed on one page. But if you have a large ruleset, the page will become slow and could crash mosparo (in the worst case).

The new ruleset detail page lists the rules in a table with pagination. You can click on a button if you want to see the items in a rule. You will then see only the rule items of this rule.

Suggested by Digi92

Allow users to create projects

Everybody could create new projects, even simple users, in the old version. With the new version, you have to give users the right to create new projects if they’re not an admin user. Administrators can always create projects.

Rule list filter

If you have a lot of rules, it can be hard to keep the overview. We’ve added a filter to filter the rule list for the rule type you want to see.

Brute force protection for login

To enhance the security of mosparo, we’ve added brute force protection to the login form. That does not entirely prevent a brute force attack but makes it more difficult. If you want maximum security, you should always use two-factor authentication.

Bug fixes

We’ve added multiple bug fixes while developing and testing the new version. One of the most important ones is the one described below.

The automatic update check is not executed when the updates are disabled

Because of a logic issue, the update check was not executed if the updates were completely turned off in an installation. This fix will perform the update check, even if the update functionality is disabled. So you get informed as soon as a new version is available, and then you have to check how to execute the update (if the update system is disabled in your installation).

Thank you

We thank all of our contributors and testers for their suggestions and work. We could not do such a project without your support and contributions!

As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback. You can send it to us by email ( You can also post a review on Product Hunt, AlternativeTo, or (for our WordPress plugin).
If you have any suggestions to enhance or optimize mosparo, you can send these to us by creating a post in the Discussions on GitHub.