After testing mosparo for over a year, first in private beta, then since January in public beta, we’re happy to announce that we’re ending the public beta phase and officially releasing version 1.0, the first official stable release of mosparo.

We got great feedback over the last months about the project and the software, so that we could develop mosparo in a very good direction. With version 1.0, we’ve added another round of new features, for example, the invisible mode. You can find an overview of all features and changes in version 1.0 in this post. Additionally, we prepared a video with the most significant changes. You can watch it on YouTube or Vimeo.

We additionally produced a video to explain the general functionality of mosparo. You can watch the video on YouTube or Vimeo.

We’re thankful for all the support, feedback, ideas, and kind words we got to hear from our contributors and fans over the last months.

We’re looking forward to reading your issue, question, or idea on GitHub or your Product Hunt review. You can also contact us by emailing or on all the possible social media platforms (see footer of the website).