In the last weeks, we’ve updated all our official mosparo integrations. We’ve updated the dependencies and added the how-to-use section to all readme files and all interfaces. The how-to-use section links to the How to use page on our website.


The Django app received an update for the latest Django version. Since the mosparo Django app does not have a UI, we’ve added the how-to-use section in the readme file. The first stable version of the Django app was released two weeks ago, and you can install it directly from PyPi.


The first stable version of the Drupal module was released in February 2024. It is compatible with Drupal 9.4+ and 10.x+. The module has three submodules that are compatible with the Contact, the CAPTCHA, or the Webform module.

The Contact and Webform submodules add a field type to the interface. The CAPTCHA submodule, in comparison, will add the ability to select the mosparo connection in the CAPTCHA interface. With the CAPTCHA submodule, you can also enable mosparo for the login, registration, or lost password forms.

You can find the mosparo Integration module on the project page.


The Mautic plugin was released as a beta version last year. We’ve now added the how-to-use section, made the plugin compatible with Mautic 5, and released the first stable version. Additionally, the Mautic plugin is officially listed on the Mautic Marketplace. If you don’t use a composer-based Mautic installation, you can also download the package from the GitHub release page.


The osTicket integration never got an official release. But we have users who have used the osTicket plugin for over a year. We have now added the how-to-use section and released the first stable version. You can download the release from the GitHub releases.


The WordPress plugin received the how-to-use update with v1.7 last year. But we’re working on a new WordPress plugin release with better compatibility for WordPress Networks and other new features.

API clients

mosparo version 1.1 changed the API for the Statistics API, so it was required to update all API clients. All API clients received the needed update in January 2024 and were released as v1.1.

If you have trouble with the integrations or find any issues, please create an issue in the official repositories or start a new discussion in the GitHub discussions. Would you like to use mosparo in a system different from the ones we listed above? Your suggestion is always welcome in the Integration category in the GitHub discussions.