This is not the latest release. You can find our latest release, v1.2.2, here.

This release contains a fix for the frontend JavaScript library, a fix for the APIs, updates for the UI JavaScript libraries, and updated Czech translations:

  • Fixed a bug that tried to validate all HTML elements with a name attribute – even <iframe> elements (and others) that cannot have a value.
  • Fixed the issue in the APIs which tried to process the frontend data, even if the value attribute is missing.
  • Updated the Node.js version to 18 to compile the UI components and added the version to the .nvmrc file (suggested by @Digi92 in #34).
  • Updated the Czech frontend and backend translations (contributed by @pBrambi).
  • Docker: From this version on, we will always set the latest tag correctly to the latest version of the image.
Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: 2129bd7fbeecc1a0a9f40b3400ece5e915dcbefe