This is not the latest release. You can find our latest release, v1.2.4, here.

The release v0.3.16 contains four fixes and more translations for the frontend, the backend, and the validators.

  • Fixed the return character handling for the IP allow list (reported and fixed by Digi92).
  • Fixed the `ignored` status on the submission detail page. The status was not correctly visible if the spam detection was disabled in the project settings.
  • Fixed a small style issue in the password reset email in Outlook.
  • Added a correct user agent for the HTTP client (used to download updates and rule sets).
  • Added more translations for all components (frontend, backend, validators) (see the complete list here).
Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: c7b420df4ffb4833ee10cc2e490c6e981d6500f6