This is not the latest release. You can find our latest release, v1.2.4, here.

The new major version of mosparo contains new features, changes and bug fixes.

  • Added the dark theme to the user interface.
  • Added a project wizard to configure a new project quickly.
  • Added a simple design mode to make it easier to design the mosparo box. It’s still possible to use the advanced mode with all options.
  • Added an automatic update check to inform you when a new version is available.
  • Added the required checks to warn if the connection to the internet is not possible.
  • Added a filter to the submission list to see only spam or valid submissions.
  • Added an option in the frontend JavaScript to override the texts in the mosparo box.
  • Added a configuration interface to configure mosparo with a reverse proxy.
  • Refactored the dashboard and other areas of the user interface.
  • Increased the minimum required PHP version to 8.1.10.
  • Changed the lockout security features. It now counts the number of submissions instead of the number of requests.
  • Fixed the CSP header hack on the design settings page.
  • Fixed a bug where the spam submissions got deleted after one day instead of 14 days.
  • The backend of mosparo is now fully translated to Indonesian, thanks to clxf12 and rezaalmanda.
Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: 118ff9d1724407d287d3d748bdc0c7b08f8918ef