This is not the latest release. You can find our latest release, v1.2.2, here.

Today, we finally release v1.1.0, the latest mosparo version. We’ve added new features, some changes, and bug fixes in this version.

  • Store the statistical data without a time limit and with no connection to the submissions (#151). Suggested by Tobi77
  • Add an API debug mode to help understand the verification API (#152). Inspired by OriCat101
  • Add a verification simulation mode for the submissions (#153). Inspired by OriCat101
  • Frontend box: Add an option to define the language of the box (#154). Suggested by brendofreitas
  • Add an option to limit the access to the backend and the API based on the IP address (#155).
  • Add IP-based security settings to the project settings (#158). 
  • Add the active project to the backend URLs (#164).
  • Adjust the import and export functionality to represent the changes made in this version (#159).
  • Fix the issue with the settings button in the project dashboard and non-management user roles (#165).

You can find all the details about these features, changes, and bug fixes here: New Features & Changes in version 1.1

Thank you very much for your help with this new mosparo version. Use the update functionality in mosparo to update to this version, and please report possible bugs as an issue on GitHub.

Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: 858fe1f56c1d5bb6e6f1bdd2243e1fad27566ee7