This is not the latest release. You can find our latest release, v1.2.4, here.

With version 1.2.2, we’ve fixed some issues, tweaked the interface, optimized the Docker images, and added more frontend and backend translations.

  • Fixed the GeoIP2 download process. To download the GeoIP2 databases, you must now enter the MaxMind Account ID together with the license key.
  • Optimized the speed of the update process in some of the update steps.
  • Adjusted the file paths to make mosparo compatible with Windows. Thanks to nadorator and sukapyx
  • Optimized the Docker images. The images are now based on PHP 8.3, contain the extension for PostgreSQL databases, and are built for multiple platforms. Thanks to mad73923
  • Help buttons were added in the administration interface, which links to the documentation.
  • Updated the frontend translations for Chinese (Simplified), Croatian, French, Portuguese, and Turkish.
  • Updated the backend translations for French thanks to css31.
  • Updated all backend and frontend dependencies
Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: baa6308817a1962b8fc3b0f3171805fec750cff9