This is not the latest release. You can find our latest release, v1.2.4, here.

This release contains multiple bug fixes, additional host setting validation, and more translations.

  • Fixed a logic bug in the delay and lockout security features. Reported by nik2025 in #252
  • Fixed a bug in the cleanup logic, which led to exceptions in some edge cases.
  • A cleanup logic was added to ensure the integrity of the database. Inspired by Geremia in #237
  • A validation feedback was added for the Hosts setting to make it easier to fill in the hosts. Inspired by css31 in #253
  • Updated the frontend translations for Dutch and Indonesian
  • Updated the backend translations for Dutch and French. Thanks to Ratingthomas and css31
Download hosted by GitHub
SHA1: bc3302692de1ce37906fdfa05c866ac17bf4cf89